Team Building And Team Development Under Sails.

Sailing together as a team: The perfect team building measure.



A sailing yacht won’t sail simply on its own. There are plenty of tasks to solve and roles to play. Only a team working together hand in hand will move the boat ahead. And reach the final destination. It is not necessary for everyone to know and do everything. It is all about fulfilling one’s personal task conscientiously. Beeing an important part of the whole thing.

Pull it together as a team. Enter unknown fields. Change your positions. And your perspectives. Experience the hidden sides. Of your own. Of your team mates.

Team Building Under Sails With Sail As A Team

The team building measure conducted by Sail as a Team is a very good opportunity for the members of the team to get to know each other closer and apart from the daily routine of workaday life.

Sailing or more generally spoken yachting is a very good tool to understand and improve teamwork and its drivers. Positions and roles on board will be changed frequently which leads to shifting points of views and different experiences. How is it to act as a skipper and to manage the team? How does it feel as a crew member being advised by the skipper and being working together hand in hand with each other?

Sailing manoeuvres are often challenging in terms of coordination and crew management. It is crucial to rely on each other and to feel confident in what the other team members do. Furthermore space on a yacht is always limited. It is a kind of a challenge to share the limited space with each other, doing the cooking together, cleaning the dishes, sharing a cabin, getting to know the more private side of the team mates.

According to our experience it is also very useful to spend some time to work up the learnings and the impressions of the sailing and to link them to the routines of the working day. This will be done with a workshop (taking place in the evening or the morning). The content of the workshop will be pre arranged with you to be suited exactly to your team’s needs.

Of course every participant will receive a certificate to prove the participation in the team development measure.

Target Group

Recently formed groups or working teams are getting to know each other better. Team mates learn about skills and weaknesses of the team and are receiving a clear picture of expectations concerning their work and behaviour as a team member. Teams which have been working together for quite a long time may grap the chance to redefine team targets or team strategy.

Smaller teams (up to 8 team members) will be sailing together on a modern sailing yacht. If the team is bigger we suggest to sail more than one yacht and evenly spread the team mates over the boats. Another option for bigger teams is to sail together on a big classical yacht or sailing ship.

Ein starkes Team

What a Team!

What You Need To Take Part And Sail With Us

The charter fee for the ship, the sailing coach, some food and beverages, are all included in our offer. All you need to do is getting with us. Besides your arrival you do not have to worry about anything before hand. Depending on the charter base we can also provide you with professional sailing wear.

To take part in our teambuilding under sails you should

  • be open minded and ready to deal with matters of your team and the whole team situation,
  • be ready to share your cabin with one of your team mates,
  • carry weather proof clothes (typical outdoor wear) and rubber boots, and
  • your own sleeping bag with you.

It is not necessary for partipicants to be able to sail. But it is mandatory that partipicants are able to swim on their own (at least for 15 minutes without any further aids).

Interested In Team Building Under Sails?

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